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Google’s Immersive Stream for Games B2B Offering Appears to be No More

Axios today published an article that stems from an interview with Google’s Jack Buser, “Director of Game Industry Solutions”, who highlighted how Google is now focused on positioning its Google Cloud Platform (GCP) tools for game developers and publishers. They offer a wide variety of tools in this space for hosting storage, APIs, analytics, server […]

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Assassin's Creed Mirage
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Is an Ubisoft 1st Party Cloud Service Coming Powered by Google Immersive Stream??

Warning! This article is speculation. It’s a thought experiment. No jumping to conclusions allowed. =) When Assassin’s Creed Mirage wasn’t immediately announced for Stadia, our minds began to search for reasons. After thinking about the matter, we came up with a list of possible explanations. We still think this is a pretty good list a […]

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Video: Stadia’s Dependence on Immersive Stream Further Examined

Stadia’s Dependence on Google’s flagship cloud gaming business offering seems to be more appearant after Capcom’s first Immersive Stream game release. More deep diving content on our Stadia Dosage News Youtube channel. There, Stadia contributor MM2K talks today’s Immerstive Stream Capcom blog post. The show aimed to deep dive the ties to how Immersive Stream […]

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Capcom publishes Resident Evil Village “Online Streaming Demo” using Stadia’s tech

Earlier this year, AT&T announced that they were one the first companies to use Stadia’s tech to promote their own offerings. Using Stadia’s white label system, Google Immersive Stream for Games, AT&T added cloud versions of Batman Arkham Knight and Control Ultimate Edition. This way, their costumers can play those games using their devices. Just […]

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