The Best Games on Antstream Arcade For Each of the 17 Supported Retro Game Platforms

Antstream Arcade

Antstream Arcade, the retro game cloud gaming service which offers consumers 1300+ video games, offers games from seventeen different retro gaming platforms. The list of platforms is vast and includes arcades, a majority of Atari’s consoles, microcomputers and several early systems from Nintendo, Sega and PlayStation. In this editorial, I am going to go over each of the game platforms and what I think Antstream’s best title is per platform. We’ve got a lot to cover; so let’s start.

Platform One – Amstrad: Impossamole

Let’s start with the good old Amstrad, and what better game to start this list with than the legendary Impossamole. In this game, you play as Monty Mole who must use his new superpowers to track down the scrolls of eternal life. With fun platforming action, this game oozes nostalgia and enjoys a fun pick-up and play nature. If you’re new to the Amstrad CPC platform, then I think this is a great platforming game to begin your journey.

Platform Two – Amiga: Alien Breed

From Amstrad to Amiga we are going over what I think is the best Amiga game Alien Breed. In this classic game from Team17, you explore an abandoned space station as you are attacked by swarms of aliens in the classic horror-style title from the beloved Amiga home computer. This is one of four Alien Breed games on Antstream Arcade. So, if you want to check out the whole franchise, you can, but this is my personal favourite Amiga game on Antstream.

Platform Three – Arcade: BurgerTime

Now we head to the world of the arcades and what better arcade game to scratch your itch than BurgerTime. In this arcade classic, you play as a chef whose kitchen ingredients have come to life and are trying to kill you, stack burgers as you progress through levels and try to avoid an army of angry food which wants to chomp on you. This is one of the most enjoyable arcade games on Antstream Arcade. However, be warned: do not play when you’re hungry.

Platform Four – Atari 8-bit Computers: Boulder Dash

As we head back into the world of microcomputers we are visiting a company that produced five of the platforms on this list, Atari. The game we’ve picked for this system however is Boulder Dash the fun game where you play as Rockford a little character who has one mission dig. As you tunnel through the levels you must avoid being crushed by boulders as you progress. Boulder Dash is a great game, and it’s one of the best games on the Atari 8-bit Computers.

Platform Five – Atari 2600: Adventure

The next game on our list is the Atari 2600 game known as Adventure. In this game, you play as a small square you traverse many different dungeons as you attempt thirty levels across the kingdom. This game was one of the most popular games for the Atari 2600. If you’re new to the platform, I think Adventure will give you the perfect taster of what was available on this legacy console.

Platform Six – Atari 5200: Frisky Tom

The next game we are going to discuss is the Atari 5200 game, Frisky Tom. Despite the name of the game, Frisky Tom is a game about a simple plumber (unlike Mario) who has been tasked with the mission to stop mice from sabotaging a woman’s shower. This game is a maze-based puzzle video game and it’s one of the more obscure games on this list, largely due to how unpopular the Atari 5200 was. If you want to play an Atari 5200 game and understand why the platform didn’t have a chance then you can check out Frisky Tom on Antstream Arcade.

Platform Seven – Atari 7800: Alien Brigade

The Atari 7800 game we are adding to this list is the fan favourite Alien Brigade. In this game you must move your cursor left and right as you kill hoards of alien soldiers. This is one of the most well-known games that was developed for the Atari 7800, and I think it would be cool to see an updated version of this game on modern platforms.

Platform Eight – Atari Lynx: California Games

The Atari Lynx game on our list is a fan favourite for the system which was originally developed and published by Epyx Software. California Games let’s you experience a bunch of the most enetrtaining summertime sports like surfing and BMX racing all in this one video game. This game is nostalgic for many gamers and I reccomend all gamers who have never even heard of the Atari Lynx check this game out.

Platform Nine – C64: Lee

In this classic C64 video game, you play as a man named Lee (first name is not Bruce for legal reasons) as you journey through a fortress of life-threatening traps as you search for a wizard, wealth and the secret to immortality. This game is one of the most enjoyable C64 games on Antstream Arcade and its one I highly reccomend if you’re new to C64 or to Antstream Arcade.

Pinball Illusions Game Banner

Platform 10 – DOS: Pinball Illusions

The DOS game on our list is technically a compilation as its listed as four games due to the size of DOS games. In Pinball Illusions. you take on a number of different themed tables as you try to chase a high score. Their aren’t many DOS games on Antstream Arcade but this one is definitely worth playing.

Platform 11 – Game Boy: Bubble Ghost

The next game we are going to go over is the video game Bubble Ghost – more specifically the Game Boy version of the game. In Bubble Ghost, you play as a ghost who must guide a spectral bubble through a series of levels with puzzle platformer style. This is one of my favorite Game Boy games ever; so, I think the inclusion on this list is well deserved. I hope we see this game get a new installment eventually, but for now, you can play either the C64 or Game Boy versions on Antstream.

Platform Twelve – Sega Genesis/Mega Drive: Water Margin The Tale Of Clouds and Wind

Now this game will have many gamers scratching their head, but let me explain. Water Margin The Tale Of Clouds and Wind is an early homebrew game that was unofficially developed for the Sega Mega Drive/Sega Genesis. However, Piko Interactive bought the rights and released the game officially. This game is a beat ’em up and takes heavy inspiration from Chinese folklore. This beat ’em up is a must-play if you are a fan of the genre or you are looking for hidden gems to play on Antstream Arcade.

Platform Thirteen – MSX: Head Over Heels

The next game is one of my favourite obscure titles: Head Over Heels. In this game, you play as two spies known as “Head” and “Heels” who are trying to liberate the enslaved planets of Egyptus, Book World, Safari and Penitentiary. This game is an isometric game very similar to a lot of other games that were released on Microcomputers around the era. Head Over Heels is an obscure game, but it’s one you should definitely check out on Antstream Arcade if you want an interesting new experience to try.

Platform Fourteen – NES: Witch N Wiz

The next console on our list is the Nintendo Entertainment System or NES for short. The game from this platform that I recommend is the indie puzzle game Witch N Wiz. In this game you play as a girl who is searching for her missing friend, but after stumbling into an enchanted tower full of magical objects she must journey through the enchanted tower to find her missing friend.

Glover Game Banner

Platform Fifteen – PlayStation One: Glover

The next game on our list is the only game on a PlayStation console. The game in question is the 3D platforming game where you play as Glover an anthropomorphic glove. After an explosion which turns his wizard master into stone, Glover goes on a mission to track down all the crystals to save the master and the kingdom. However, Glover isn’t the only anthropomorphic glove as his close ally Glovel has been corrupted to become Cross-Stitch who is hellbent on stopping Glover from saving the kingdom. This is one of the most entertaining games from the PlayStation lineup on Antstream Arcade and gives me flashbacks to when game companies threw original concepts at the wall to see what would work.

Mr. Tuff Game Banner

Platform Sixteen – SNES: Mr Tuff

The SNES game on our list is the previously cancelled game, Mr Tuff. Set in a future where Earth was abandoned by humans who have migrated to the planet Utopia, military androids have taken over and enslaved the domestic robots who were left behind. You play as the robot “Mr Tuff” across six islands as you try to defeat waves of enemies and bosses whilst collecting power-ups along the way. Since this game was originally cancelled it makes this game a must-play in my opinion just to see if the cancellation back in 1994 was a mistake.

Platform Seventeen – ZX Spectrum: Switchblade

The last game on our list is Switchblade for the ZX Spectrum. In this game, you play as Hiro who is searching for the sixteen fragments of the legendary Fireblade sword which he must use to destroy Havok an evil being who has broken free from his imprisonment. This game is an anime-inspired side-scrolling action platformer which features run and gun elements. There are many other great ZX Spectrum titles, but for this list, I wanted to feature what I feel is a hidden gem on the platform.

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