The Best Coud Gaming Service?

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Which is the best cloud gaming service? A difficult question to answer. Historically, gamers have always had a limited choice. It usually boiled down to one of two options. PC or Console. If you chose a console, Xbox or PlayStation. Before that, it was Nintendo or Sega. Going back even earlier we had Atari vs Bally.

But for cloud gaming in 2023, there may be too many options. And choosing between them is harder than ever.

Guy sits at his laptop stressed with cloud gaming logos surrounding him
Guy sits at his laptop stressed with cloud gaming logos surrounding him

Constant change

When you chose your platform in the past, once you made your choice you were stuck with it. And there wasn’t much reason to change. The console, for example, would stay the same save for a couple of software tweaks during its lifespan. So whether you pick PlayStation for its exclusives or chose Xbox because that’s what your friends had, once you decided, there was little else to worry about.

However, with cloud gaming, new features and even upgrades can be added and rolled out under your nose as often as the platform decides.

Diving into cloud gaming today, you may choose Boosteroid because it has the majority of games that you want to play and gives you the ability to stream to YouTube directly from the servers. This might suit you perfectly. But it might be that in a month, GeForce Now rolls out direct YouTube streaming, adds more of the games you like, AND has Ray Tracing. Now, this has become the best option for your needs.

Too Many Options

As well as being difficult to choose the best service because of the ever-shifting pros and cons, there is also what psychologists refer to as the ‘paradox of choice’. Being unable to decide due to the number of options. Deciding where to put your money each month to give you the best cloud gaming experience possible can be a difficult decision to make. You need not threat. It doesn’t have to be a crippling decision, and you don’t need to have bottomless pockets of cash either.

Easy Switching

Thankfully, switching from one cloud gaming service to another does not invoke the same headache as switching between physical platforms. Simply cancel your membership from one, sign up for the other, and you are done. Nothing is tying you to any service. This is likely the reason that providers try to entice you to sign up for multiple months at a time.

As long as you keep your finger on the pulse, you will always have the best experience possible. And I encourage you to try out as many services as you can to see what works best for you. Another benefit of cloud gaming over physical platforms is the ability to try without long-term commitment as you should definitely take advantage of that if you can.

How to Choose The Best Gaming Service

Not everyone has the time or the patience to jump in and out of different services to see which is the best cloud gaming service for them. Don’t worry, we have you covered. Whether you are struggling to find the platform that supports the game you want. Or if you want to know which platform has which feature, You can find your desired games here or compare each platform here. At Cloud Dosage, we will always do our best to be fair and unbiased when bringing you news and updates. We aim to make your decision as easy as possible when finding the right service for you.

I would be very interested to know what service you use and why. Comment below to tell me where you game.



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