The Cycle: Frontier Will Be Shut Down This September

The Cycle 2

Developer, YAGER, has announced that their free-to-play online shooter, The Cycle: Frontier will be shut down on September 27th 2023. The game was originally launched in June 2022 and is currently available to play in the cloud via GeForce NOW. 

The developer has stated that this was a much-debated decision but the game is simply not financially viable. They also state that they were not ready for the initial popularity of the game when it first launched, which was caused due to it being played by some big-name streamers, which caused an influx of players. Although they managed to improve their internal infrastructure to match the game’s initial popularity, the game then suffered from an increased number of cheaters and by the time YAGER managed to improve their anti-cheat measures, they had suffered a significant decrease in the game’s player base. 

Despite trying to rejuvenate the game with the launch of Season 2 and Season 3, unfortunately, they were not able to bring the initial player base back to the game and in turn, make it financially viable. YAGER has confirmed that they will now move their attention to other projects that they are working on. 

You can get more information on the closure and check out an FAQ from the developer HERE.

The Cycle

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