The Destiny 2 Stadia Player Count is Impressive!

Stadia has averaged between 5,000 and 7,000 players a day for essentially all of 2022. And! This Stadia player count is really good for one of the nascent cloud gaming services! I’d be willing to bet GFN’s daily Destiny 2 player count (which is unfortunately hidden behind the Steam number) isn’t higher. And, no, these numbers don’t represent anywhere close to the entire Stadia player base…

We have a history of this metric for the entire period of Stadia’s availability. You can see this and other related data on our Stadia Stats page.

Destiny 2 Daily Population on Stadia from Charlemagne

Yes, the Stadia market share is just under 1%. But, keep in mind, the goalpost isn’t 100%! Even Steam, with it’s massive player base and availability all around the globe, only has about 25% market share for Destiny 2.

Stadia’s player count has consistently been at about 1.5%-3% of the Steam number this year as shown in the below plot.

Destiny 2 Stadia Daily Population per 1,000 Daily Steam Players. Note that the y-axis minimum is set to 10, not 0.

This Stadia player count number is likely to rise as Stadia rolls out to new territories. But, as is, the number suggests Stadia players likely stream around 4-10 Million hours (or more) of Destiny 2 each year (remember mean playtime is greater than median playtime in a distribution like playtime per day) consistent with the conclusions we previously drew from the (unfortunately no longer updated) dataset. We derive an estimate just slightly higher than this using Stadia Hunters data in combination with leaderboards (see forth coming article). Remember, GeForce Now received universal praise when it published that it streamed ~150M hours of its entire catalog of games combined in a year (available in territories with 2.5x the population of Stadia).

This is pretty darn impressive for one game (in fairness probably the most played by hours) of 270 games on the Stadia platform!


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