The Jackbox Party Starter Brings Fun to Blacknut

Jackbox Games has announced the addition of The Jackbox Party Starter into the Blacknut catalog. The Jackbox Party Starter, a curated selection of the developer’s popular games, is now available on all compatible Blacknut devices.

The Jackbox Party Starter collection features a variety of entertaining games designed to ignite social gatherings and foster laughter among players. Among the included titles is Trivia Murder Party 2, where players find themselves entangled in a bizarre game show set in a Murder Hotel. Additionally, Tee K.O. challenges players to create the best t-shirt designs by combining drawings and slogans, while QuipLash 3 pits players against each other in a battle of comedic wit.

Nabil Laredj, VP Licensing and New Business Development at Blacknut, emphasized the platform’s commitment to offering diverse gaming experiences for players across different regions and devices. With the addition of The Jackbox Party Starter, Blacknut aims to cater to various social occasions, ranging from casual hangouts to corporate events.

The collection’s accessibility across devices ensures that players can seamlessly join in the fun from anywhere, whether they’re celebrating birthdays, hosting family reunions, or simply looking to unwind with friends. Furthermore, the games are available in multiple languages, making them accessible to players in over 60 countries.

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