The Yas Marina Track Will Be Added To Forza Motorsport This November


Turn 10 has published a new community update, detailing what we can expect in the next major update for Forza Motorsport.

Update 2 will arrive in mid-November and include over 200 planned fixes for the game, it will also add the iconic Yas Marina track to the game.

Turn 10 has also said that they are very much going to be supporting Forza Motorsport for the long term and are aiming to have monthly content and quality-of-life updates for the game.

You can see some of the fixes and improvements that will come to Forza Motorsport in Update 2 below:


  • Many fixes to improve overall game stability and reduce crashes across all platforms.

Livery Editor

  • Fixed issue where players can view and unlock tunes and vinyls shared by other players.
  • Fixed issue causing black paint shade to show up as grey instead of black.
  • Fixed issue where only the inner barrel on factory rims is paintable.


  • Fixed issue requiring shaders to recompile every time Forza Motorsport is started on AMD chipsets.
  • Fixed specific game crash that occurs if headphones are plugged into the front panel.


  • Fixes to matchmaking as a group, party management, and invites and joins across multiplayer.
  • Fixes to ensure custom liveries show up more consistently across multiplayer game modes.
  • Fixes to address cases where Intermission/Launch Countdown would take much longer than expected before the start of multiplayer races.
  • Fixes to automatic wet tire selection when entering an event, and fixes to fuel estimation logic.
  • Fixes to title stability when resuming from a suspended state on console.


  • Resolved an exploit related to changing car tune mid-race.
  • Fixed issue where the game becomes stuck in the “new content update” loop when entering the main menu.
  • Fixes to Replays in scenarios where Replays do not start playing, the cars do not move, or they float.
  • Fixed issue with a forced camera change at the start of a race.


  • Fixed issue with the 2018 Porsche 718 Cayman GTS Sport Roll Cage visual upgrade option, which removes the roof of the car when viewed in first-person.


  • Fixed issue that prevented the Thrustmaster T248 LED screen from displaying race position information.

Turn 10 has also stated that stability is a big area that they will be looking to improve in the game and we can expect to see additional improvements in this area in future updates.

Forza Motorsport is available to play in the cloud via Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce NOW.

Source – Turn 10


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