Thumbs Up For Reactions – Rolling Out Now

Stadia Reactions

In one of our recent APK findings posts we found code that suggested reactions would be coming to the Explore page on the Stadia App.

Well today is the day for the reactions to be released. They are now rolling out to the app; so make sure that you have updated to the latest version and you should be able to begin reacting to captures with a variety of emojis.

This is a great update to the service and something I personally have wanted for a while. It makes sharing captures a lot more sociable.

Stadia have spoken previously about how shared images and video clips, especially those with state share, actually increase game play and engagement.

Well now there is even more reason to show off your favorite clips and with the Stadia community. This should result in a nice positive cycle of increased gameplay on the service. Was it essential to the platform? No. But its certainly nice to see.

What feature would you like to see next on Stadia?



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