Tin Hearts Marches Its Way to the Cloud via Utomik

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Tin Hearts, the narrative puzzle adventure developed by Rogue Sun and published by Wired Productions, has been released today on multiple platforms. Of course, including the cloud via Utomik! The launch is accompanied by a trailer featuring singer Aisha Vaughan and a cover of the 80s track “Toy Soldiers” by Martika.

Tin Hearts offers players an immersive and emotionally-driven experience, combining intricate puzzles with a compelling story of love and compromise. Set in an alternative-Victorian world, the game takes players on a journey through generations and dimensions. As players solve increasingly complex puzzles.

A fitting song

Leo Zullo, the Managing Director of Wired Productions, expressed the significance of the song choice for the trailer. “Toy Soldiers by Martika is such an iconic song. But if you actually listen to the lyrics, it perfectly reflects the story of Tin Hearts. It was an instant decision to get Black Razor Records to create a new version that matches the emotion of the game. Sung beautifully by the amazing Aisha.”

Kostas Zarifis, the Managing Director of Rogue Sun and Tin Hearts’ Creative Director, shared the team’s excitement about the game’s launch on multiple platforms. “It’s an emotional time for us! Our baby gets to spread its wings on all platforms! We’ve released some awesome trailers leading up to this point, but we always knew we wanted to do something truly special for this one.”

The Little Soldier Who Dared

Finally, in conjunction with the game’s release, an animated prequel called The Little Soldier Who Dared was narrated by Stephen Fry. The prequel follows the story of Albert, an inventor from Victorian times, and his daughter Rose as they attend a toymaking convention. All in all, the prequel sets the stage for the emotional journey players will embark on in Tin Hearts.



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