Top Games To Play on Utomik Cloud

Top Utomik Games

Despite still being in Early Access, Utomik Cloud offers a decent catalog of games to enjoy via the cloud. From puzzles and hidden objects games, to the most action-packed titles. Just like its competition, there’s bound to be something for everyone. Still, keep in mind that Utomik Cloud is only available on select Android smartphones, and Samsung and LG TVs. Click here to learn more. Also, make sure to check out their 5-year anniversary promo to get a special lifetime deal.

With that said, in this post, we want to introduce you to 10 games available in Utomik Cloud. The games are mentioned in alphabetically order, so there’s no distinction! Also, we’ve tried to select games from different genres, to keep things varied. Happy gaming!

Absolute Drift: Zen Edition

Absolute Drift: Zen Edition is a minimalist indie racing game that focuses on the art of drifting. Developed by Funselektor Labs, it offers a serene experience where players can immerse themselves in the world of precision driving. It features various environments, including deserts, mountains, and cities, each with their own challenges and obstacles. The objective is to master the art of drifting by sliding the car around corners with precision and style.


Beacon is a sci-fi action game that delivers fast-paced gameplay and a compelling story. The game’s unique feature, the ability to take control of alien powers, adds a refreshing twist to the genre. The atmospheric visuals and the intricate level design create a sense of immersion, although the game can sometimes feel repetitive. Overall, Beacon offers an enjoyable and intense experience for fans of action-oriented sci-fi games.

Call of the Sea

Call of the Sea is a adventure puzzle game that takes players on a mesmerizing journey through a lush, mysterious island in the 1930s. As Norah, a woman searching for her missing husband, players unravel the island’s secrets and uncover an enigmatic tale of love, sacrifice, and ancient forces. With stunning visuals, immersive storytelling, and mind-bending puzzles, Call of the Sea offers a an atmospheric experience that challenges players to explore the island’s hauntingly beautiful landscapes while piecing together the puzzle of a lost civilization.

Kao the Kangaroo

With its nostalgic appeal and modern gameplay mechanics, Kao the Kangaroo offers an enjoyable and family-friendly experience, appealing to both longtime fans of the series and newcomers alike. It successfully brings the beloved kangaroo protagonist back to life while introducing new elements that make the game a delightful addition to the platforming genre.


KUNAI is a metroidvania game that excels in its fluid and fast-paced combat mechanics. The game’s charming visuals and energetic soundtrack complement the tight controls and satisfying platforming. While the story may not be the most memorable aspect, the game’s focus on exploration and the variety of upgrades and abilities make KUNAI an engaging and enjoyable experience for fans of the genre.

My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia is a simulation role-playing game set in the enchanting town of Portia. As a skilled builder, players take on the role of a newcomer to the town, inheriting their father’s workshop and embarking on a journey to restore it to its former glory. From crafting and farming to mining and combat, players engage in a wide range of activities, all while forging relationships with the diverse and vibrant townspeople. Give it a try before its sequel releases really soon.

Tin Hearts

Tin Hearts is a captivating puzzle-platformer game set in a charming steampunk-inspired world. Developed by Rogue Sun, players control toy robots navigating levels filled with puzzles, obstacles, and enemies. The game features stunning visuals, cooperative gameplay, and a heartwarming story of friendship and resistance against oppression. One of the top games from Utomik that released there on day one.

Tokyo Xanadu eX+

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ is an RPG that combines anime-style aesthetics with thrilling combat. The game’s real-time battles are exciting and challenging, and the extensive character customization options provide a sense of progression. The story, while a bit formulaic, is still enjoyable with its mix of fantasy and modern-day elements. With its vibrant world and addictive gameplay, Tokyo Xanadu eX+ offers a solid experience for fans of action RPGs. Fans of the Persona series can’t miss it!

Twin Mirror

From the creators of Life is Strange, Twin Mirror is a captivating psychological thriller that offers an intriguing narrative and a unique gameplay mechanic. The game’s atmospheric setting and well-crafted characters keep you engaged throughout the experience. Although the pacing can be slow at times, the gripping storyline and the protagonist’s ability to delve into his own memories make it a worthwhile journey for fans of the genre.

Young Souls

Last but not least, a classic from Stadia! Young Souls is a delightful beat ’em up RPG that captivates with its charming art style and engaging gameplay. The game’s combat is fluid and satisfying, allowing for enjoyable brawling sequences. The story, centered around two siblings exploring a parallel world, is both heartwarming and intriguing. Although the game could benefit from more variety in its environments and enemy types, Young Souls stands out as an enjoyable and visually appealing experience for fans of the genre.

And those 10 games are only the tip of the iceberg. To see all the games available via Utomik Cloud, visit our Cloud Games Catalog and make sure to check the Utomik box. You can also display them according to their Metascore, if you want!

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