Trackmania Heading to Stadia in 2023


At today’s Ubisoft Forward event, it was announced that Trackmania will be coming to Stadia (as well as other platforms) in early 2023. The game can be played right now on PC.

The game is described as:

Experience the thrills of racing and the joy of creation with Trackmania! Choose among three levels of access to discover all the game has to offer and dive into the most compelling remake of the legendary Trackmania Nations.

Trackmania combines easy-to-learn, hard-to-master gameplay with a wide diversity of tracks and skin customization, in addition to regular seasons & live events.

Most exciting for a particular 6 year old at my house, Trackmania on Stadia and its other platforms appears to have a very robust creation tool:

With the powerful Trackmania creation and sharing tools, you can create tracks using innovative gameplay blocks. You can also imagine game modes, paint 2D skins and edit replays.

Trackmania on Stadia and other plaforms appears to also be extremely social with regular content updates coming as well – in regular Ubisoft style.

To see all the games that are on their way to Stadia, check out our list.


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