Try Over 140 Games for Free With Google Stadia

Hours upon hours of free gaming at your disposal, without the need of a Stadia account. Simply visit this website, login using your Google account and start playing right away! Free trials are the perfect way to try out Stadia for yourself, without spending a dime or creating an account. This way, players can also check out all kinds of games and see what interests them. As the Stadia Team says: Play before you Pay!

All the latest games offering a free trial

Earlier this month we covered how Stadia added 14 new trials, with all kinds of games. During yesterday’s This Week on Stadia blog post, the Stadia Team shared news regarding new trials being added:

It’s interesting to see that Free to Play games, like 9 to 5, Crayta and Super Animal Royale, also offer a trial period. This way, potential newcomers can try out Stadia and those games for free before creating a Stadia account.

Stadia started offering these kinds of Trials around mid-March, right after announcing them during the Google for Games Developer Summit 2022 Keynote. Ever since, more and more Trials have been added to the platform, now surpassing the 140 landmark. Almost half the entire library!

Even though not entirely related, it’s interesting to see that right after Stadia started offering these free trials, other companies started similar offerings. For example, PlayStation Plus added timed trials, so their subscribers can enjoy a portion of some games before deciding to purchase.

With all that said, lets us know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these Free Trials and if you ended up liking the game or not. Also, check out all the games that have a free trial in our full list of all Stadia games.



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