Ubisoft Helps Players Keep Playing In The Cloud

As you may have already seen, Ubisoft have stayed true to their promise of transferring purchases made on Stadia over to PC. Fantastic news and a real gesture of good will, as Stadia players have received full refunds for the games bought on the cloud platform.

Now, as a nice Christmas bonus, It is now easier to continue playing in the clouds. As well as converting Stadia purchases to PC, Ubisoft is also giving gamers a free 30-day pass for Nvidia’s priority tier. You won’t need to do anything, but keep an eye on your Inbox.

Ubisoft and Stadia – courtesy of 9to5google

I am sure this great news for anybody who hasn’t already tried Nvidia GeForce NOW before. Although GFN does have a free tier, it doesn’t give a taste of what the paid version is like. Now you can experience games with longer play times, Ray tracing (where available) and lower, most non-existent, queue times.

One of the reasons I was reluctant to try GeForce NOW, for the longest time, was my nonexistent PC games library. Thanks to Ubisoft, gamers who find themselves in a similar position will, at the very least, have Ubisoft games they bought on Stadia to try out.

I admit that I am still a little bitter about the closure of Stadia, but it is moves and offerings like this one that make the transition to other services a lot easier. Thank you, Ubisoft!



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