Utomik Launches Android App Beta for Cloud Gaming

Utomik Android Beta
Utomik Android Beta

Utomik is a game subscription plan that gives subscribers unlimited access to over 1,400 PC games for as low as $6.99 a month! How is that for a deal?!? And, Utomik does provide some bonafide platform features in its PC game launcher – e.g. it lets you collect achievements on most recent games.

Utomik started out as a PC (non-cloud) specific game service, but they have recently jumped into cloud gaming. Note that cloud streaming does raise your subscription cost by $2 to $8.99 a month.

Of the 1,400 games available on Utomik, right now only 106 of them are available for cloud streaming. But, that number is likely to go up significantly over time. In addition, right now, you can stream games only to compatible Samsung TVs. But, that is where today’s news comes in!

Utomik has just announced a beta for its upcoming Android app! The beta is only available in the United States, the UK and Germany, but it will participants with Android 9+ devices stream Utomik games to their phone.

If you have an active Utomik subscription and meet the criteria for the beta, you can sign up here. We’ll be doing a review of Utomik cloud streaming in the near future. So, make sure to also stay tuned in.


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