Pixel Tablet
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Google’s Pixel Tablet Could be a Great Device for Cloud Gaming

Google has officially left the cloud gaming scene itself with the death of Stadia, but it still has a large consumer technology presence via its Android, Chrome/ChromeOS and its Nest ecosystems. It was (ironically) not long after the announcement of the shutdown of Stadia that the company announced a line of gaming focused Chromebooks that […]

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Amazon Luna Controller Sale
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APK Findings Hint at New Luna App Features

Update 5/19/2023 There is yet a new Luna apk out for Android – version 1.1.1790. And, it has even more strings related to support for bridging third party controllers: In addition, the APK comes with libraries that appear to be related to gamepads rolled out to more of its build types. Original Story: Amazon Luna […]

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Utomik Lands on Android with a Bang – Play For Free

Cloud gaming platform, Utomik is available on android devices starting today! Utomik boasts a library of over 100 cloud-based games to play, with more added every month. Previously, the service has only been available on selected Samsung and LG TV’s and PC. Starting today, you can play Utomik on your Android device with a compatible […]

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Xbox Mobile Controllers
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Xbox Announces New Third-Party Controllers for Cloud

In another move towards its cloud gaming ambitions, Microsoft has partnered once again with a variety of third party partners to make mobile gaming easier. While many Xbox Cloud games come with customized touch controls, nothing can replace the sensation of a physical controller. Its good news then, that we have such a variety to […]

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Utomik Android Beta
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Utomik Launches Android App Beta for Cloud Gaming

Utomik is a game subscription plan that gives subscribers unlimited access to over 1,400 PC games for as low as $6.99 a month! How is that for a deal?!? And, Utomik does provide some bonafide platform features in its PC game launcher – e.g. it lets you collect achievements on most recent games. Utomik started […]

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