Utomik Cloud Adds Dry Drowning and Goroons

Dry Drowning and Goroons arrive at Utomik Cloud

New ways to play

Two new games have made it its way to the clouds thanks to Utomik. Both Dry Drowning and Goroons are now available via their cloud gaming subscription. As of late, Utomik has been pushing to widen their availability. This week, Utomik launched their LG smart TV app, providing its users another way to enjoy their favorite games. While Utomik is also available on select Samsung TV via the Gaming Hub, older Samsung TV models will also get a standalone app in the future. And that’s on all. Last October, Utomik launched the beta of their Android app, with some of their cloud games being playable on the go. All this in just a couple of months, and while expanding their country availability!

New games now available on Utomik Cloud

Dry Drowning

Dry Drowning is an investigative thriller-oriented visual novel set in the futuristic dystopian universe of Nova Polemos. A shady sociopolitical situation dragging everything down to the abyss, a serial killer drawing strength from this darkness, a tormented detective and his assistant craving for redemption. Dry Drowning challenges the player to find the truth, going through ambiguous characters, riddles, clues and unexpected events, while telling an extremely compelling and mature story.


These lovable creatures had their guardian princess attacked by a mysterious golden arrow, putting their entire planet in danger. Goroons, unite! Fight this giant menace from the inside, and take back the power that can save the princess and protect everybody! Your mission will be not easy. Each level was designed to make you think harder, so you’ll have to work a lot to predict the right moves, making sure every step goes toward your success, and not just another bottomless pit.

As always, remember that new accounts can enjoy a 14-days free trial. That’s a perfect way to try Utomik Cloud and see if the service works well for you. Utomik library of games is quite varied, and we’re confident you’ll find something to enjoy.



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