(Retraction) We Got it Wrong on Gyro Aiming in House of the Dead

We’ve been blown away by the response to StadiaDosage.com since we launched. We know that all of you who are visiting count on us to be both timely and accurate in our reporting. And, we absolutely pride ourselves in being data and fact driven here at Stadia Dosage!

Last week, we missed the bar in our reporting that “gyro aiming” was coming to The House of the Dead Remake on Stadia. We failed to test the game ourselves before (originally) proclaiming the feature was included.

At the time, our conclusion was based on the fact that motion controls have consistently been showing up in the Android Stadia app apk findings as well as the fact that “gyro aiming” appeared in Stadia marketing material for the game and, at the time, in the game description in the store.

At this point, the text has been removed from the game page and, while gyro aiming could still come to the game down the line, the feature certainly doesn’t appear immediately imminent.

This is a good reminder to all (including ourselves), that potential features we discover in apk findings should be taken with a big grain of salt until we actually touch them – including motion controls.

We apologize for the misinformation. We are taking this mistake seriously and using it as a chance to learn and be better journalists.


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  1. That’s OK, the whole situation was rather confusing and the store listing didn’t help.

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