What are the Six Netflix Game Studios Developing?

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Netflix Games has six internal studios who are developing new video games for Netflix’s gaming platform. Let’s take a look at what these studios are working on.

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What Is Netflix Games Studio California/Studio Blue Working On:

The first studio we are going to take a look at is the first internal studio which is either called “Netflix Games Studio California” or “Studio Blue” as there is no confirmed name. Currently this studio is developing two known games. Those are a “big-budget triple AAA first-person shooter” which is said to be planned as a multi-platform release. The other game this studio is working on is a multiplayer party game, which we also have very little information on, unfortunately.

What Is Night School Studio Working On?:

Night School Studio is the first video game studio that Netflix acquired and is the home of the game franchise Oxenfree. With their last game release being Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals in July if 2023, it is relatively unknown what current games Night School Studio is creating. However, we can assume that Night School is currently working on bringing their other games (including Afterparty and Next Stop Nowhere) to Netflix. We also know that Night School Studio is consulting on television and film adaptions of Oxenfree and Afterparty. Night School Studio has an impressive track record with their games; so, whatever they release will be interested.

What Is Boss Fight Entertainment Working On?:

Boss Fight Entertainment is one of the more interesting studios that Netflix acquired. Since the purchase of this studio In March 2022, they’ve published three games on Netflix (the same number as all the other studios combined). The games Boss Fight Entertainment has released on Netflix are Dungeon Boss: Respawned, Netflix Stories: Love Is Blind and Money Heist: Ultimate Choice. Now, we know that alongside content updates for Dungeon Boss Respawned, Boss Fight Entertainment is also currently working on a video game based on Netflix’s Virgin River. Boss Fight Entertainment has an extremely talented team, and I look forward to seeing what other games they develop beyond that upcoming Virgin River game.

What Is Moon Loot Games Working On?:

Moon Loot Games is the second internal game studio set up by Netflix and the second studio based in Helsinki Finland. Whilst there has been very little information about what Moon Loot Games is developing, we do know from the picture above (which was released by Netflix around a year ago) that this development studio is working on a “life simulator” game in the vain of the popular Animal Crossing video game series. I can’t wait to check out this game whenever it comes out.

What Is Next Games Working On?:

Next Games is the second game studio Netflix acquired and is also their second game studio based in Helsinki Finland. Next Games is behind the popular Netflix video game Stranger Things Puzzle Tales which is based on Netflix’s popular Stranger Things TV series. As of right now, we know that Next Games is working on bringing back its video game Compass Point West which they shut down during the latter half of the 2010s. They are also continuing to support their flagship video game Stranger Things Puzzle Tales with free content updates.

What Is Spry Fox Working On?:

The last game studio we’ll discuss is Spry Fox, who at the time of me writing this is the latest game studio to be acquired by Netflix (acquired in September 2022). They have yet to bring a video game to the Netflix platform. As of right now we know of two video games that Spry Fox is working on. The first is a “non-violent” MMO which is supposed to be published by Epic Games (although Netflix might now prefer to publish the game themselves) and the other game is Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit which is scheduled to come out later this year.

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