What We’re Playing This Week March 7th

Tyler Shippam – I just finished MAINLINING Death Stranding last week and I feel both tired and grateful. What an outstanding experience that game is. Would love to work on a write-up soon, but I feel like I just need time to process. I quite literally played 30 hours of that game across two and a half days. As to what I’m doing THIS week, I’m going to revisit Stardew Valley and see how it’s changed over the years. The endgame in that world is apparently dense, and I’m curious to see how deep it goes. Between that and sleeping I’m going to check out all those new Mario Kart tracks because I’m a fanboy.

Stardew Valley Screen Capture

FabledAlpaca – I’ve taken a break from the Lands Between in Elden Ring this week. Instead I’ve been in the clouds building cities in the remastered version of Cities: Skyline. I fell in love with this game on Stadia but didn’t pick it straight back up on Xbox because I lost some grand cities in the close down. I also booted up Hot Wheels with my eldest daughter which was great. All the themed cars are fun and the tracks are crazy. She mentioned organizing a family tournament with a prize for the overall winner. It’s a good job I’m not too competitive….

Hot Wheels Unleashed Capture

Marxally – This week I’ve been focused on my job and working on personal stuff, so I haven’t been able to play that much… That said, I’ve started playing Soul Hackers 2 via Xbox Cloud and so far it’s pretty interesting. I am cautious because the game is vastly different from the first one, and difficulty seems pretty low at the moment, but the presentation is top-notch, as usual. Aside from that, I plan on roaming around Genshin Impact on GeForce NOW and see what’s new.


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