What We’re playing this weekend 2/10/23

Tyler Shippam– This week is Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando. I’m beginning a journey of playing through every single game in the series, and this is title #2. It’s fun to compare the improvements over the original. That game was made in 10 months! Wow. Besides that, I’m playing through the original Syphon Filter on PS Plus, as well as GoldenEye on Game Pass. Reviews on those coming soon…

Golden Eye 007 Screen Capture

eddyrick – This week I’ve continued my journey through Plague Tale: Requiem (yes it’s a slow burner for me), I’m still really enjoying the story. I’ve just started Chapter 10. Over to mobile, I’m still heavily playing Marvel’s SNAP, especially with the latest update now that you can challenge friends. Anyone up for a battle?

A Plague Tale - Requiem Sceenshot

FabledAlpaca – This week I am still exploring the Lands Between in Elden Ring. After about 30 attempts, I have slain Godrey, the First Elden Lord and then proceeded to absolutely destroy Morgott, The Omen King. I don’t know if I am actually good at this game or not. On the cloud side of Xbox, I am swapping between Age of Empires II and Hi-Fi RUSH. Age of Empires is pure nostalgia. I spent so much time on it when it was first released, and I can see myself putting in a decent amount of time in it again. Hi-Fi Rush is just an absolute gem of a game. The shadow dropped game has received high praise from everyone, and it is deserved. It’s just a shame I have no rhythm!

Elden Ring Screen Capture

Marxally – Recently I’ve been playing Hi-Fi RUSH via Game Pass and some visual novels like Corpse Party on mobile via Utomik Cloud. To disconnect and relax, I’ve also been playing Genshin Impact on mobile from time to time thanks to GeForce NOW. After months of not playing, I’ve been sucked right into its world. That actually inspired me to write this post. Aside from that, I’ve also started Sparks of Hope on the Nintendo Switch. Lots of fun, overall!

Hi-Fi Rush Screen Capture

Jack Deslippe – I’ve already started my wizarding education in Hogwarts Legacy. It is a shame the game isn’t available on any mainstream cloud gaming services as of yet. However, you can play the game on virtual desktop like services including Shadow, airgpu and in Boosteroid’s “install” category. The team at PortKey games has created an awesome rendition of the Wizarding World. I find myself wandering (pun intended) around the castle and Hogsmeade for hours just interacting with the environment.

Hogwarts Legacy Screen Capture


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