Why Antstream Arcade Is Great Value For Retro Gamers

Antstream Arcade is a retro gaming-focused cloud gaming platform. It currently offers 1295 games from many classic game systems. In this editorial, I want to go over why retro gamers should check out Antstream Arcade to scratch their retro games itch.

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Antstream Arcade Won’t Cost You A Limb

There is a saying about some retro video games costing “an arm and a leg” when it comes to being able to find a working copy. Antstream Arcade’s price is extremely cheap for what is on offer. The standard monthly price is £3.99. However, if you’re a gamer on Xbox, you can pay £29.99 for a year’s worth, or £79.99 for a lifetime subscription. The price for Antstream is incredible when you see how many games they have on offer.

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Looking For Gems? Antstream Has You Covered

The next point is a simple one, Antstream Arcade offers games from arcades up until the first PlayStation. Some of the notable publishers who have provided games to Antstream include Piko Interactive, Namco, Taito and Atari. Strangely, Atari actually owns 10% of the company, which means they have an incentive to keep their games on the platform. One of my favorite games on Antstream is the Game Boy game Puzzle Ghost, which I didn’t even know existed until it dropped on Antstream.

Antstream Arcade Now on Xbox

Final Thoughts

Antstream Arcade has over a thousand games and has continuously added more games to its massive library. As retro games have increased in price over the last few decades, it is great that many games are available to stream via Antstream. As time goes on I hope to see more games get released on to Antstream Arcade. Including more obscure games from more obscure platforms.

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