Why Apple Arcade Should Support Cloud Gaming

Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade represents an interesting story when it comes to video games. In principle, the service can be compared to the likes of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Netflix Games, but there’s one big difference… Apple Arcade currently lacks cloud gaming support despite being available on multiple Apple devices; so, let’s discuss why Apple should add such a feature.

Apple Arcade Is Already Available On Multiple Devices

Let’s start with a major point: Apple Arcade is available across Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Vision Pro devices. This is a huge deal. Apple already has a range of platforms similar to Microsoft where a cloud gaming service would be beneficial for users. Apple Arcade already has the range; so, adding cloud support for their video games would make the service more competitive, especially against Netflix Games and Xbox Cloud Gaming. While the iPhone is capable of playing some AAA titles, if Apple Arcade wants to bring the latest AAA titles to the subscription, it could definitely benefit from the power of advanced server blades in the cloud utilizing RTX class GPUs.

Cloud Gaming Apple

Making The Industry More Competitive

Another reason why this would be such a good move is it would make everyone in the cloud gaming market more competitive. Apple Arcade already has over two hundred titles including many indie video games. However, if Apple were to implement cloud gaming, then it could lead to Triple AAA games coming to Apple Arcade. If Apple spent billions making Apple Arcade a cloud gaming platform, that would likely lead to Xbox, PlayStation, Netflix and others spending more money making their cloud platforms better and improving their video game offerings.

Final Thoughts:

Apple Arcade has a strong presence in mobile gaming, but if Apple wants to keep up with other gaming platforms, then it should look into a cloud gaming platform. Apple has the funds to run a cloud gaming platform – especially since they have already mastered streaming movies and music. If Apple wants to find a way to make its services division provide a bigger source of revenue, then making Apple Arcade a cloud gaming platform to entice iPhone users over makes logical sense.

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