Why Netflix Cloud Gaming Needs To Offer Achievements

Many a video game platforms has thrived thanks to the till of gamers trying to bump up their “Gamer Score.” However, Netflix Games is still yet to add achievements. So, let’s talk about why Netflix is missing a trick by not offering such a feature.

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Making New Audiences Experiment With Netflix’s Games

The first point is a simple one: new audiences. What do I mean by this? Essentially, more gamers will check out the games that have achievements to hunt for them. This will lead to longer play sessions as gamers try their best to unlock all the achievements for games like Oxenfree, for example. The achievements could be as simple as “complete chapter one” or as difficult as “unlock all four endings.” Either way there will be gamers who will be achievement-hunting across all of Netflix’s games.

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Netflix’s Game Studios Can Experiment More With Unique Achievements

The next point is one that I think is just as important as the previous one. While Netflix Gamers will be experimenting to unlock the achievements, the actual developers will also be able to experiment with the achievements. Developers like Night School Studio and Next Games will be able to try a wide range of achievements from a wide range of different video games across many genres. Netflix’s developers have already added achievements to several of their games on platforms like Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox. So, it wouldn’t be hard to bring some of those achievements over to Netflix’s Cloud Gaming and try some unique ones.

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Achievements Give Gamers a Sense of Pride and Accomplishment

The final point I want to make is one that many gamers will probably understand and that is the fact that when you “work hard” to beat a game with a high score, you get a sense of “Pride and Accomplishment” (no I’m not sorry EA). Gamers can spend hours playing video games and ranking up on the worldwide leaderboards. While some gamers want to just play a video game from beginning to end, you have to factor in that at least some gamers are probably more likely to finish a video game if they get a reward for doing so.

Many people also enjoy achievements as a simple way to keep track of the games they’ve played and their progress – even if they don’t care about actively hunting them. Sites like exophase.com, let you track your gaming progress across all platforms and would likely begin including Netflix if the service added publicly accessible achievements.

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