Why Netflix Could Become a Major Player in Family-Friendly Games

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Video games are a huge hobby for billions of people on the planet. Everyone from toddlers to the most successful business people has played a video game sometime in their life. However, there is one age range that tends to play more games than any others, and that’s the demographic of kids and teenagers. So, let’s discuss why Netflix (an up and comer in the gaming space) is perfectly positioned to dominate in children’s video games.

Netflix’s Family-Friendly IP Is Huge:

Let’s first start by looking at the main reason why Netflix could dominate family-friendly video games. Netflix’s family-friendly IP is massive! Some of the notable titles that exist in Netflix’s children’s catalog include Kid Cosmic, The Sea Beast, Adam Sandler’s Leo, and also the entire body of work from the late British author Roald Dahl. Children will play video games based on their favorite shows and movies. That’s why during the 2000s there were so many games based on Nickelodeon and Disney characters.

The reason this is big for Netflix is that it helps build a brand for the “Netflix Franchise” to families. If children know that there is a Willy Wonka video game on Netflix and that there is also a Willy Wonka movie on Netflix (and they like the book that both the game and movie are based on), then a connection will be built. Kids will then explore other games and movies aimed at them as the target demographic.

If Netflix Can Get Kids To Play Its Games, They May Never Go To Another Platform

The next point is a simple one. If Netflix is able to get kids onto its gaming platform, it may lead to those kids not buying a game console as they grow. Instead, they may just keep playing games on their phones, tablets, and computers via Netflix on the cloud. This loyalty is something companies like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo are used to with every hardware generation. However, in this case, the gamer would be going to Netflix. Which I think is going to focus on becoming an all-in-one entertainment service over simply being just another streaming video service.

Something else of note is the fact that Netflix Chairman Reed Hastings has stated on multiple occasions that one of Netflix’s biggest competitors is the video game Fortnite because every minute a child plays Fortnite is a minute they don’t spend on Netflix. Disney CEO Bob Iger has also discussed that younger generations spend more time playing video games than watching television. So, it makes sense that Netflix wants to be primed for success by building on its IP portfolio.

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Final Thoughts

Netflix needs to step up its game and find a way to make its games not only appeal to adults but also to children who will spend 10s of hours a week playing video games. The first step Netflix needs to take is to add games to the children’s profiles on the Netflix app. The next thing Netflix needs to do is pick a number of child-targeted movies and television on Netflix and develop them into video games. Personally, I think Netflix has an advantage that gaming brands like Xbox and PlayStation do not have when it comes to the ability to make games in-house based on well-known children’s streaming video franchises.

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