Why Netflix Games Disappointed in April 2024 and What’s Ahead

Netflix Games

Netflix Games is the up and coming gaming platform controlled by the popular streaming video service Netflix. It offers Netflix customers roughly 100 titles to play across mobile and cloud. After a record December 2023, Netflix Games’ growth has slowed – resuling in April 2024 being Netflix Games’ first month since the platform launched with less than two games added. Let’s go over why Netflix Games only had one game released and the silver lining.

Why Only One Game?

Let’s start with the easiest explanation, the missing game. Netflix originally had two video games scheduled to launch on mobile devices during April; so why did only one appear? Well, delays happen in the entertainment industry all the time, and the developer of Braid Anniversary Edition had to delay their game last minute by a couple of weeks. Due to this delay, Netflix didn’t have enough time to source another game for April. This led to Dumb Ways To Survive being the only game added to Netflix Games during the month. Whilst this was disappointing, it was also not unnecessary, and afterall, Braid Anniversary Edition wasn’t delayed by that long. We should see this game in May instead.

Netflix Games Vietnam Controversy

The next thing we I want to discuss is Netflix Games and their woes in Vietnam. Netflix had until April 25th to remove all the games from their service in Vietnam. This was due to laws around video games in the country and the need to have a license in order to offer such a service in Veitnam. Since Netflix is almost certainly wanting to continue to conduct business in Vietnam, it is very likely that Netflix will find a way to get a license granted to stream games. But, for now it is a setback to their world wide plan.

The Big Silver Lining

Now let’s talk about the large silver lining of Netflix Games April 2024. This silver lining is the news that Cozy Grove Camp Spirit, the Netflix sequel to the original 2016 indie hit, was released on Netflix Games in the Philippines under a beta mode. This game joins the likes of Sonic Mania as being available in a beta form on Netflix Games Philippines. Why this matters is it shows that Cozy Grove Camp Spirit is further along in development than I expected, meaning the likelihood of this game releasing in 2024 (as originally announced) is highly likely.

Netflix Games

Hopes For May 2024

Now I want to do something a little bit strange: I want to talk about what I hope Netflix does in May 2024 as a way to build out is audience of gamers. I’m hoping we see at least three titles on Netflix Games during May and that at least one of them will be a cloud game – Netflix currently offers ten games on its cloud gaming platform. I also think Netflix needs to come out with an announcement of a big game series coming to the platform like say the Persona, Borderlands or Battlefield franchises. Even announcing a new partnership with a new publisher like Square Enix would be a great way to grab headlines. There is lots that Netflix can do to make sure May is a lot better for their game offerings than April was.

What do you think? Are you disappointed with Netflix only releasing a single game in April? What would you like to see them announce in May? Let us know on social media.

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