Why Netflix Games Is Less Dependent On Triple A Games

Triple AAA video games make up numerous of the video games that get published every year. This includes the likes of EA, Xbox Game Studios, PlayStation Studios, Ubisoft, and Take-Two Interactive to name a few. Cloud Gaming platforms have traditionally struggled to get support from these publishers. However, I want to talk about why Netflix Games isn’t as dependent on these Triple AAA video games as other platforms. Let’s discuss!

Netflix Games

Netflix Games Can Already Reach Millions

Let’s start with the obvious point. Netflix as a service currently has just over 260 million paying customers. All of whom can access around one hundred games on mobile. If you’re a UK, US, or Canadian resident with a Netflix subscription, you can also stream several games on your devices by using cloud gaming. All Netflix really needs to do to make a small obscure indie game or a brand-new IP successful, is to use the data it has accumulated through its TV and film empires, to decide what to recommend and how to recommend those games to Netflix subscribers.

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Netflix Has A Huge Library Of IPs

The next point I want to bring up is the IP catalog owned by Netflix. Netflix owns multimedia franchises like Stranger Things, Oxenfree, and the entire works of Roald Dahl. The fanbases that Netflix can cultivate for Netflix Gamers are quite expansive. Netflix has already made games based on its popular TV series. Like Stranger Things, Too Hot To Handle, and Money Heist. In the case of Stranger Things and Too Hot To Handle have their games appear in the Top 10 most downloaded Netflix Games. If Netflix is already able to turn several popular TV shows into popular video games to me shows, they don’t necessarily need to spend billions developing them.

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The Cost Isn’t Worth It

Let’s move on to the last point, and that is the costs. The cost of making Triple AA games has ballooned over the last decade. With some games now costing hundreds of millions of dollars to make. In comparison, most of the games Netflix has directly funded have been received rather well and cost a lot less than one hundred million to make. One notable example is the Netflix-published game Oxenfree 2 Lost Signals which was developed internally by Netflix; Night School Studio.

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