Xbox games from Microsoft store and Game Pass are now available on Boosteroid

Boosteroid Hearts Microsoft and Xbox

Last year, during the ABK acquisition, Xbox announced 10-year partnerships with several companies in the cloud gaming space. One of these companies was Boosteroid. In June, the first batch of Xbox PC games arrived on the service and starting from March 7th 2024, Xbox are giving players another option to stream select games purchased through Microsoft Store on Windows, or available with a Game Pass membership.

You can now play DeathloopDishonoredDishonored 2Dishonored: Death of The Outsider, Gears 5, Gears TacticsGhostwire: Tokyo, and Pentiment via this method with full support of cross-play and cross-save features! Xbox have stated that even more games will be coming in the future.

How does it work?

To get playing one of the above games, you’ll need to gain access to the game through the Microsoft Store – either via a PC Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, or a purchase of the game through the Microsoft Store – along with a Boosteroid membership.

Once you have your game and Boosteroid subscription, you can follow these simple instructions;

  • Log into Boosteroid on your preferred device (PC, smartphone, tablet, smart TV).
  • Go to “Library” and select “Xbox” to see all of the currently supported games.
xbox library select
  • Find the game you want to play and click the “play” button.
xbox games on boosteroid
  • Log into your Microsoft account that owns the game or has your Xbox Game Pass membership (similar to GeForce Now).
xbox login screen
  • Enjoy the game!

That’s it. Again, cloud gaming is lowering the barrier of entry to gamers world wide. Of course, the quality of the stream will vary based on your hardware, home network infrastructure and location. But with Boosteroid pushing 4K120, it can look just as good as local hardware.

Is this something you’re excited to see developing? What games would you like to see next?



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