Yars: Recharged is Releasing on Stadia August 23

Atari hit twitter this morning to announce that Yars: Recharged will be coming to Stadia on August 23, the same date as Saints Row releases. That makes at least 3 games we know of that are coming in August. Assuming none of the other Recharged games arrive before this point, this would make Yars the second Atari game to hit the platform.

You can see Atari’s tweet below:

We announced this game was on the way to Stadia just a couple weeks ago – with a date of “later in 2022.” It’s nice to see it get pinned down so quickly.

As we mentioned in the announcement, the new game marks Atari’s return to the Yars universe, originally based on Howard Scott Warshaw’s cult classic Yars’ Revenge. Released in 1982, Yars’ Revenge made gaming history by becoming the best-selling original Atari title on the Atari 2600. Yars: Recharged extends the legacy of this iconic franchise and gives fans an opportunity to experience an expanded, modern take on the concepts introduced by the original. Here is the trailer:

The key features of the game are described as:

Boss Rush: Experience a nearly endless barrage of enemies. Three hits and you die, but don’t worry! The hit-count resets when moving to the next round.

Mission Mayhem: Mission mode features 30 unique, challenging bosses and only one life to beat each. Take bosses head-on with a barrage of bullets, or opt for a different strategy and start with the smaller, Minor Cores first.

Juiced-Up Power-Ups: Minor Cores will drop power-ups when destroyed. Shoot in all directions at once, utilize rapid-fire, blast with explosive shots, or fire a railgun – the nature of the power-up is tied to the nature of the core that dropped it. <

Co-op with a Co-Pilot: Featuring local co-op in both arcade and mission mode, partner up with a pal and take on the hordes of enemy fighters 

You can always find a list of games coming to the platform in the future here.


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