Your Hitman 3 Data on Stadia Won’t Be Assassinated

On the 18th of January, Stadia will be gone. Dead. Bereft of life. No longer with us. It will be an ex-gaming system. Once this happens, all of your games will be unplayable. This includes IO Interactive’s HITMAN – World of Assassination which includes Hitman 1, 2 and 3. All of these Hitman games were/are Stadia Pro.

IOI have been hard at work to allow you to transfer your campaign progress, XP, challenge status, item unlocks, mastery levels, and achievements from Stadia to any of these platforms that HITMAN 3 is currently available on: Epic/Steam/Windows PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

How do I do this?

To carryover your Hitman progress, you must link your Stadia Account to an active IOI Account before the Stadia servers are shut down.

The best way to create an IOI Account is through the game itself. Launch the game on Stadia, navigate to the IOI Account section, enter your email address and follow the process. You can then log into the IOI Account website and double check that the correct Stadia account is linked.

Not everything can be transferred, though. Any of the Stadia exclusive Hitman items won’t be transferred over. This includes The Sunset Rubber Duck, Orange Pinstripe Briefcase and White Sunset Suit. However, IOI have said they hope to make them available to all platforms via a future patch.

You can read the full article here for all relevant details and instructions regarding your Hitman progress on Stadia. You can also see what other developers are helping transition from Stadia that bit easier here.



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