Zorro the Chronicles Released on Stadia

Zorro The Chronicles Stadia

Good news for fans of the Masked sword wielding hero! Zorro the Chronicles, based on the animated series, has released on Stadia. You can pick up the game now for $29.99!

The game, developed by Bkom and published by NACON, is a single player action adventure game that comes with an E10+ rating. The Stadia Store contains the following description:

Play as Zorro or his sister, Ines, in this action and stealth game inspired by the animated series Zorro The Chronicles. Free the people, restore justice and mock Sergeant Garcia by signing your name with the tip of your sword!

This is one of a growing list of family-friendly games on the platform. At first glance, it looks a little more advanced than many of the Outright Games titles on Stadia, but it does come with adjustable difficulty levels. Arthur and I will give it a go on our next live stream.

Unfortunately, the game does not appear to have any Stadia achievements.


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