Cloud Gaming Championships Week 4 Challenge

Week 4 of the Cloud Gaming Championships on Stadia (Summer 2022 edition) starts now! This post contains all the details you need in order to officially compete and submit your score. Please also make sure you are registered for the tournament. You can still register anytime at the main tournament page.

What is the Week 4 Challenge?

The fourth weekly challenge is based on the roguelite twinstick shooter called Deathrun TV! Created by one of our organizer, @NinjaGuyX, this one will really test your fast reaction skills and was designed to be a very difficult challenge.


The rules of the challenge are simple. Your goal is to compete in the Arcade Mode with the most likes (your highscore) before you get a gameover!

To get to this challenge, you will need to boot up Deathrun TV, and go to the room to the south. You will be greeted with a green ball to the left, and an arcade to the right. You need to select the arcade. Your difficulty needs to be set to “Contestant” and you need to select the 4th Arena (See image above).

Important! Additional Rules:

There are a few additional rules to ensure that the run is challenging enough and doesn’t continue forever! (Lesson learned from Centipede lol!).

  • After each run, you are required to go in the options, and show us the complete setup page on the Assist tab. Your assist needs to be setup as followed (see screenshots for example).
    • Do not select a preset.
    • Show All Enemy Health Bars: Unchecked
    • Aim Assist: Unchecked
    • Disable Level Traps: Unchecked
    • Both Guns – One Button: Checked
    • Toggle Fire: Unchecked
    • Player Run Smoothing: 0x
    • Game Speed: 1.2x
    • Increase Weapon Ammo: 1x
    • Weapon Damage Increase: 1x
    • Fan Health Multiplier: 1x

Smart Bomb Count: 1x

Assist Tab being showed before the start of a run
Assist Tab being showed before the start of a run continued
Here’s a screenshot of NinjaGuyX in a pickle while attempting a run!
Here’s what a final score looks like. NinjaGuyX ended with a score of 365 in this run.

When to Compete

You can complete this challenge any time between 12:01 AM Pacific on Monday August 8st to 6:00 PM Pacific on Sunday August 14th.

You can continue updating your score until that point! You can submit as many scores/videos as you like throughout the week. Remember to show us the Assist tab after each run!

How to Record and Submit

You must submit your score (for the main or side challenge) and video recording at the following form – – by the deadline.

You can record your run in any way that you like – for example, using local screen recording software or streaming your attempts to your YouTube, Twitch of other channels.

If you are unfamiliar with recording gameplay, the easiest way to record your submissions (to either a public or unlisted YouTube video) is by using Stadia’s built in Direct Streaming support. See the following detailed instructions:

Please note that before you can live stream to your YouTube account you must enable “Intermediate Features” in your channel settings by verifying your YouTube account with a phone number. This can take up to 24 hours!

YouTube Settings

Make Sure to Enable at least “Intermediate Features” on Your YouTube Channel In Order to Use Stadia Direct Streaming

That’s it! Good luck everyone with the Cloud Gaming Championship Week 3 challenge! And, don’t forget! This tournament is first and foremost about having fun!! So, have fun!

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