Remember to convert your old Stadia controllers to Bluetooth before December 31st

Stadia Controller Bluetooth Page

Update – Stadia extends the deadline!

Stadia has provided an additional year for users to convert their old controllers to Bluetooth mode. This extension is certainly welcome, as the initial deadline seemed unnecessarily short. It’s possible that Stadia realized the previous deadline wasn’t long enough for everyone and opted to extend it for the benefit of its users.

In September 2022, Google shocked us all by announcing they were shutting Stadia down. In an effort to reduce e-waste, Google released a Bluetooth unlocking kit for its Stadia controllers.

Stadia Controllers

The kit allows you to unlock the Bluetooth capabilities of their controllers so that they can be used with other devices. However, you only have until the end of December to do this. Otherwise, they will only be able to be used as wired controllers.

It’s easy to do, so do it now!

In the below video we released a while a go, we go through the steps of unlocking a wasabi Stadia controller live and try it out in GeForce NOW. The entire process takes us less than 5 minutes.

At least one of the most comfortable controllers ever made can live on and allow you to play in the clouds still!

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