Destiny 2 New Season and Free Expansions

Destiny 2 Witch Queen

A new season in Destiny 2 just launched which has brought a number of folks back to the game. But, what is probably even more impactful is the fact that various expansions like The Witch Queen, Beyond Light and Shadowkeep are free to play for a week – through August 29th. The base game itself is free to play on Stadia, and it remains quite popular on the platform.

In our latest capture, the Stadia player base for Destiny 2 has jumped to over 6,500 Stadians a day (unfortunately we probably missed the peak population earlier in the week in our data collection).

Destiny 2 Stadia Population
Daily Population of Destiny 2 on Stadia (Note that Y-axis 0 is at 3K)

Are you taking advantage of the free expansion days? Let us know in the comments.


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