Elemental War (Original) and Tri6 Likely Coming to Stadia

Elemental War Stadia

Elemental War 2 recently hit Stadia and we gave it a pretty positive review! The game is the most true tower defense game on Stadia, with some unique elemental magic aspects thrown in. Now it looks like the original Elemental War game may be on its way to Stadia as well.

Friend of the site, @4Scarrs_Gaming, tipped the community off on Twitter to this news:

The source of the information comes from a Clockwork Origins progress report that you can view for your self. In the report, the development team says the following

As teased last month, we’re now working on some new update of Elemental War (and Tri6: Infinite). The update won’t add new features, but fixes a few bugs and slightly improve the graphics quality here and there. The main goal though is to bring it to a few more platforms. That means there will be a native PlayStation 5 and XSX version as well as a Stadia version

One of the interesting aspects of the original Elemental War is that the game contains multiplayer matches. Though, that has until now been limited to the PC build. It’ll be interesting to see if that arrives on Stadia. In addition the game features:

  • 65 different towers from a Ballista to a Volcano
  • 3 singleplayer modes: Classic Mode, Survival Mode, Hero Mode
  • 47 items from a Mithril Chassis to Deadly Poison Bombs
  • 48 monster abilities from Gold Rush to Invincibility
  • 7 settings from desert to ice world
  • 21 different skills in multiplayer with multiple upgrades (PC only)
  • 107 different monsters containing 21 elementals
  • 20 quests for bonus items in Hero Mode

The same update also mentions Tri6: infinite coming to Stadia!

As already mentioned in the Elemental War section, we are working on a small update for Tri6: Infinite. As for Elemental War it won’t introduce new features, but instead fix some bugsslightly improve the graphics and bring it to new platforms. As it’s just a Creators Program game on Xbox there won’t be a native XSX version sadly, but we have a PlayStation 5 and Stadia version (the latter still needs to be tested)

Tri6 is an endless racing game in cyber environment. Check out the official trailer below:

We are classifying Elemental War and Tri6 as a likely upcoming release on the Stadia on our list of upcoming games. You can find more information about this game at the official Elemental War site.


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