GeForce NOW 4080s Live in Paris. Upgrade underway in Chicago and Newark.

NVIDIA maintains a server status page for the GeForce NOW datacenters that it runs directly. The page was recently updated with the news that the RTX 4080 GPUs are live in the Paris datacenter.

GeForce NOW RTX 4080 Paris Status
RTX 4080s are alive in GFN’s Paris Datacenter

Even more interesting is the news that the upgrade is in progress in Newark (New York area) and Chicago! These are referred to as the “US Northeast” and “US Midwest” zones.

GFN Status page showing RTX 4080 Upgrade in Progress in Chicago and Newark.

In the past, it has taken about a week for the status to go from “upgrade in progress” to “ready”. So, folks near New York and Chicago, prepare to get your RTX 4080 on!

The RTX 4080 GPUs are available as part of GFN’s ultimate tier ($19.99 a month) that brings 4K 120FPS streaming, NVIDIA Reflex, DLSS 3, AV1 codec encoding and more!


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