GeForce NOW has Streamed Over 700 Million Hours. ~350 Million in the Past Year.

GeForce NOW has streamed over 700 Million hours and has over 1500 games in its catalog

GeForce NOW is celebrating its three-year anniversary! As part of the anniversary, the team announced a new stat – they’ve streamed over 700 million hours of gameplay. That is quite an accomplishment. They had previously reported that in the time up to their first anniversary, they had streamed 175 million hours. In year two, they announced they added another 180 million hours. That leaves 345 million hours (at least) for year three. That’s a significant increase in usage – almost twice the hours streamed the previous year!

The GeForce NOW team also recently announced over 25 million players have tried the service. That gives a mean of 700/25 = 28 hours per user. Clearly there are a lot of people who’ve tried it and walked away, but 28 hours is a pretty significant mean! Note for distributions like this, play time tends to be dominated by the top players; so the median would of course be well below the mean.

GeForce NOW is Now Well above Stadia’s Pace

To put this in perspective, some of the most popular games on Stadia (e.g., Sniper Elite 4) only streamed about 1 million hours. Destiny 2 was Stadia’s most streamed game (by a very large margin over the #2) at around 10-20 million hours. Altogether, we estimate Stadia streamed somewhere near 100 million hours in its 3 years of existence. While GFN may have been only about a factor of 2x-3x ahead of Stadia’s pace in its first year, it has clearly greatly expanded on that lead in the past year. It’s now streaming games to its user base at what is likely about 10x Stadia’s best numbers.

In other stats, by our own count we concur that GeForce NOW has also passed 1500 unique games in its catalog. 3 years is definitely a big birthday to celebrate for GFN!

What are you most looking forward to in year 4?


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