GFN Thursday: July Games Announced

GFN Thursday June 29

It’s the last Thursday of the month – which means GFN Thursday is jam-packed with games. Games for the remainder of June and games for July! We’ve got over 20 games to talk about in total. So, let’s get right to it.

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This Week’s New GFN Games:

The one surprise on the list today is AEW: Fight Forever. It wasn’t officially announced as coming. However, if you follow Cloud Dosage, it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise – because we let you know that the game had opted into GFN back at the beginning of the month!

AEW is now taking the fight to WWE across a new medium.

GFN AEW Fight Forever Banner

The other titles that are to be released were previously announced as coming this month. But, we should mention that there are some real gems and popular games in the mix. Age of Empires is a classic masterpiece. It’s also the 8th Xbox Game Studios title to arrive on GFN. The Darkest Dungeon games have gathered a large following of dedicated fans, and I Am Fish has become a sleeper hit across many other platforms.

July GFN Games

Here are the games that NVIDIA has so far announced as coming to GeForce NOW in July:

In addition, Riders Republic will get support for the Steam platform backend.


Embr is one of our favorite games from Google Stadia – it’s firefighting meets an uber-like gig-worker economy. That is just about as crazy an idea as it sounds. You pick up fighfighting gigs on your mobile and use your wits to out-maneuver agents for the Canadian start-up Hoser.

As was the case for AEW: Fight Forever, a large number of the announced titles for July are games that we reported on when they previously opted into GFN on Steam. So, if you want a sneak peak at games that are coming in the future, make sure to check out those weekly posts.

The OCTOPATH TRAVELER games are not new to the cloud, but they are simply fantastic games that should not be missed. If you are like me, and consider titles like Final Fantasy 6 and Chrono Trigger to be the pinnacle of gaming, you will adore these games – as that is exactly their style.

One of the games we got right in those opt-in posts is Remnant II. It’s one of the biggest games on the list and is highly anticipated. It’s a Shooter with Co-op support that was recently highlighted at the Summer Game Fest. You can check out the game play trailer from the event below:


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