JoJo Siwa: Worldwide Party is Coming to Stadia

What a surprise! Not only is Jojo Siwa getting her own console video game, but it is also coming to Google Stadia. Developed by Cocodrilo Dog and published by Outright Games, Jojo Siwa: Worldwide Party is scheduled to release “soon”. This announcement follows Bratz: Flaunt your Fashion from a couple of weeks ago. As of late, Outright Games has been announcing a lot of family-friendly titles coming to Stadia this year. On top of that, some of their titles get added to Stadia Pro fairly regularly, with the latest being PJ Masks: Heroes of the Night.

Here are some of the details shared by Outright Games:

You’re invited to JoJo Siwa’s Worldwide Party! Lace up your “High Top Shoes” and run through JoJo’s worlds listening along to her biggest hits including D.R.E.AM, Bop and Nonstop! Complete levels as JoJo to perform special dance routines! Can you match the rhythm and make the crowd go wild?

Run, jump, and unlock awesome vehicles including Spaceships and even a Roller Coaster Cart to help get JoJo to the party. Collect all the items you need for an unforgettable party including glitter and of course, bows! Explore lands straight from JoJo’s imagination including Candyland, BowBowland, Superheroland and many more.

We’ll update the post when new information is shared and a trailer is made available. Get all the details via the official website.



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