Lake Shows The Power of Stadia Pro

Lake, from Gamious and and Whitethorn games, came to Stadia as a Pro game and it’s a perfect example of why I love gaming in the cloud. 

If you aren’t familiar with Lake it is a slow story based game where you assume the role of Meredith, a mail man’s daughter, who is covering her dad’s job in a small lakeside town whilst he’s away. Graphically it isn’t super special. The Map is small. And, the story isn’t exactly wide ranging.

It is available on all platforms, costs around $20 US and has a fairly small memory size. So, you are at no risk of maxing out your new console when you want to play it. 

So why is it a shining example of cloud gaming? 

In case you couldn’t tell from my earlier description of the game, this isn’t something that I would typically think to buy from looking at the trailers or reading the description. 

It doesn’t stand out to me or get me hyped. Even if it was available on PS Plus, Games with Gold or Gamepass, I may be reluctant to take the time to claim, download and install it. 

Yet I did claim it on Stadia Pro as I always claim every game. I don’t see why anybody wouldn’t when you can claim everything just as easily as claiming one. It isn’t like you’re at risk of running low on space. 

Why did you play it?

Then one lazy, rainy afternoon, restless and suffering from a headache, I wanted something to play that wouldn’t require much effort. And, so I jumped into Lake (with the click of a button) with low expectations…. and I enjoyed it! I can’t tell you exactly why and, believe me, I was as surprised as you are. But, turns out, it is nice to play something simple, relaxing and joyful.

I think I can honestly say that I am enjoying this game entirely because of Stadia. Without Stadia, I wouldn’t have ever discovered the tranquil joys of delivering mail throughout Providence Oaks. 

You can still claim Lake on Stadia Pro so don’t miss out.

Lake Is Not Alone

There are many gems that I have discovered as part of the Stadia Pro lineup that I can confidently say I would not have discovered without it. Broaden your horizons and jump in to something new today. I bet there is something in your library you have overlooked that will bring you hours of enjoyment. Go ahead. Try something new!



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