We’re Raffling Away a Lenovo Duet 3 for January! How to Enter

Lenovo Duet 3 Stadia

For January, we’re doing another monthly giveaway for BOTH $50 credit to a game store of your choice and a very lightly-used (yet another device we used for review) Lenovo Duet 3 Tablet (with keyboard and case)! This is the Tablet we previously determined to be the best on the market best for cloud gaming.

To enter, simply rate games on the cloud games catalog during the month of January (anytime during the month counts). You just need to add a score from 1-10. Good or bad ratings – it doesn’t matter – we just want honest reviews. Once you are logged in, it takes just a few seconds to add a rating. See the circled section in the game page capture below:

Screen Capture of Game Review Form

The more games you rate during the month of December, the more entries you get! You get one entry for each power of 2 you reach:

  • 1 Rating – 1 Entry
  • 2 Ratings – 2 Entries
  • 4 Ratings – 3 Entries
  • 8 Ratings – 4 Entries
  • 16 Ratings – 5 Entries
  • 32 Ratings – 6 Entries
  • 64 Ratings – 7 Entries
  • 128 Ratings – 8 Entries

If you are mathy type, the number of entries you earn is log(ratings)/log(2) + 1 – so long as you rate a single game during the month.

The Lenovo Duet 3 supports both web apps and/or Android apps for every cloud gaming services including Xbox Cloud Gaming, GeForce Now, Boosteroid, Blacknut, Amazon Luna.

So, get those ratings in!! As a reminder, you can register, log-in or view your profile information (including your ratings) here!


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