Another 26 Games Leaving Amazon Luna first Half of February

Amazon Luna Logo Leaking
Amazon Luna Has Been Leaking Games

At this point, it is more than fair to say that Amazon Luna is leaking games from a pretty big hole in the bucket. We just reported on 4 games that left the catalog in January, after the over 50 others that left in late 2022. Now, 26 more games are listed to leave Amazon Luna in the first half of February.

  • Heave Ho – Feb 3
  • Monster Boy – Feb 4
  • El Shaddai – Feb 9
  • Bridge Constructor Portal – Feb 9
  • Buildings Have Feelings Too – Feb 9
  • El Hijo – Feb 9
  • Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams – Feb 9
  • Melbits World – Feb 9
  • Momonga Pinball Adventures – Feb 9
  • PictoQuest – Feb 9
  • Race The Sun – Feb 9
  • Skelittle A Giant Party – Feb 9
  • Snake Pass – Feb 9
  • Smoots World Tennis – Feb 9
  • Smoots Summer Games – Feb 9
  • Spitlings – Feb 9
  • Spirit of the North – Feb 9
  • Sparklite – Feb 9
  • Space Otter Charlie – Feb 9
  • Super Kickers League Ultimate – Feb 9
  • Summer Paws – Feb 9
  • The Medium – Feb 9
  • Urban Trial Playground – Feb 9
  • Wandersong – Feb 9
  • Yono and the Celestial Elephants – Feb 11
  • No More Heroes – Feb 11

The state of Amazon Luna

This wouldn’t be quite so worrying if Luna were adding games back at anywhere near the rate at which they are losing them. But, that just isn’t the case! Two promised games from November are still AWOL. Only a few games were added in December, and we have yet seen the two announced January games arrive yet (though we have no reason to think they aren’t still coming).

What this means is that, for now, the library count has absolutely nose-dived since it hit a peak of 276 by our count back in September (we count Capcom Arcade Stadium as one title).

Amazon Luna Number of Games Over Time

With the loss of 26 more games in February and the expected gain of just a few titles, the overall library could be well under 200 games come Valentine’s Day.

The platform recently shuttered two of its channels (retro and family) and merged their remaining games into the Luna+ channel. This gave Luna+ subscribers a temporary reprieve in value loss. But, it isn’t clear that Luna can continue to sustain such significant losses to its catalog without also losing some of that overall value proposition.

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  1. Do you know what happened to “Endling – Extinction is Forever”. It was added in October and not there anymore. I don’t see any news of it leaving.

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