Netflix Games Needs To Fix Its Release Schedule

Netflix Games has become a notable gaming platform on mobile devices by offering video games like Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Money Heist Ultimate Choice, and Football Manager 2024, but the biggest problem with Netflix Games isn’t a lack of games, it is the lack of a release schedule.

Netflix Games

Netflix Has A Release Schedule For Other Forms Of Content

Let’s start with the first major point I want to make: Netflix rolls out monthly lists for content dropping on its platform when it comes to new films and television content. Video games, however, are more of a “pick and mix” of what games get solid dates. The two most recently released Netflix Games were Money Heist Ultimate Choice and FashionVerse. Money Heist Ultimate Choice was given a release date of January 4th 2024, it was later changed on the Apple App Store to the 5th of January 2024 but released on January 4th with no delays or issues. FashionVerse, however, was a surprise release and wasn’t given an official date before being shadow dropped on Netflix Games last week.

Likewise, other notable games like Netflix Stories: Love Is Blind were given release dates however other games like Cocomelon: Play With JJ weren’t given such a luxury.

Netflix Games

Other Gaming Platforms Give Release Dates

This is a more important point than the previous one. So, let me explain: Netflix isn’t the only company offering a video game subscription service. Some notable alternatives include Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, and Nintendo Switch Online – all of which give a release window if not exact dates as to when new games will join their libraries. Comparing Netflix Games to Xbox Game Pass for a second, it’s night and day how releases are handled. Xbox will release two lists a month covering the two halves of a month as to which games are coming to the Game Pass platform and to which version. Netflix Games doesn’t operate such a release window; it becomes a guessing game whether games will appear on Netflix Games that week.

Netflix Games needs to improve its release strategy. If they could announce a game coming to Netflix and give the date before the month starts, then it could lead to an increase of hype/interest in the service and in Netflix as a gaming platform. If Netflix improves or not remains to be seen.

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