Why Netflix Needs To Develop More Family-Friendly Games

Netflix Games is a gaming platform that launched within the Netflix app in 2021. However, Netflix Games is missing a trick which could lead to more families using its gaming platform. That trick is video games aimed at children, let’s discuss.

Netflix Games

Netflix Has A Lot Of Content Aimed At Kids

Before we dive into this, the game Cocomelon: Play With JJ is aimed at preschool children and is available on Netflix, although it is not available on a children’s Netflix profile for some reason. However, Netflix as an entertainment company owns many, many notable movies and television series that are aimed at children and would make some fun video games. Some of these titles include: The Sea Beast, Back To The Outback, Nimona, StoryBots, We Can Be Heroes, Kid Cosmic and the entire written works of Roald Dahl (think Matilda and Willy Wonka).

The above is actually just a small list of the massive collection of animated television and films that Netflix distributes so the market for Netflix to adapt these titles into video games, it just takes the right teams to adapt these franchises into video games. Netflix Game Studios Next Games and Boss Fight Entertainment have made some fun gaming adaptions of Netflix’s Stranger Things, Love Is Blind, and Money Heist franchises. However, I would love to see Netflix reach out to Outright Games to make a game based on StoryBots.

Netflix Games

Normalising Cloud Gaming For The Next Generation

This next point is probably the more important of my two points: the idea of normalizing cloud gaming for future generations. Netflix is used by over 260 million customers across the world including families with children who just want to play some fun games based on their favorite Netflix cartoons or something cutesy like what Netflix-owned Spry Fox develops. Introducing these children to cloud gaming at a young age will likely make them more inclined to game such a platform in the future. This is normal in gaming; since 1977 there have been children who have game consoles and introduced their own kids to the concept of video games.

If Netflix can scale up its cloud gaming platform and get it added to the Netflix children’s profile with a series of video games that will appeal to children, I suspect there would be at least a few thousand kids who would then go on to continue using cloud gaming and never turn back.

What do you think about this? Do you think Netflix Games needs to do more to appeal to kids who are gamers? Let us know on social media.

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