New Content Goes Live in Rainbow Six, Ark and Phoenix Point

Stadia Game Updates

Last week, we highlighted a bunch of new Stadia game content and DLCs that were on their way. That included the “Roots of Dread” season in Dead by Daylight, which just went live. Now, however, three more games have had significant content updates that have gone live as well!

Starting with Rainbow Six Siege, a new season “Operation Vector Glare” is now live. Yesterday’s “This Week on Stadia” (TWoS) post describes the new season as follows:

This season introduces Sens, a new Belgian Operator, a new Team Deathmatch map, the first phase of the new Reputation System bringing Privacy Mode and reverse friendly fire sanctions, and more gameplay improvements.

Also coming with Operation Vector Glare is the Squad Up Reactivation Program, which lets players who have not played Siege in Year 7 earn amazing rewards, from unlocking Year 6 Operators to a new exotic weapon skin, by inviting and playing with friends who also have not played Siege in Year 7.

In addition, Rainbow Six Siege is going free to play on Stadia from June 23 to June 27!

Next up is a new official community map, Fjordur, in ARK: Survival Evolved. Here is how Fjordur is described in TWoS:

Traverse a frosty and fantastical multi-layered Nordic wonderland composed of four unique islands and three mystical realms. Fjordur contains over 140 square kilometers of new biomes, new challenges, and rewarding discoveries!

Finally, Phoenix Point is getting an update! This takes the form of a game patch described as follows:

This new update introduces new balance changes to the game, alongside bug fixes and AI improvements.

Expect more rewards when encountering events, and fewer limitations around using mutog war beasts in battle. And best yet, take advantage of a free new Infiltrator skin by starting a new game with the code KAOTIC.

We always love seeing new Stadia game content. And, these updates are especially meaty.


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