Stadia Helps Outbreak Become Hit on Kickstarter

Outbreak Shades of Horror

Earlier in the week, we reported that the existing game Outbreak: Contagious Memories was headed to Stadia and that the next generation game in the series, Outbreak: Shades of Horror had a live playable demo released on Stadia.

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One of the coolest aspects of this news is that the game, currently in development, is running a Kickstarter campaign, and Dead Drop Studios are using the live playable demo on Stadia as part of that campaign. “Not sure if you want to fund this Kickstarter? Here try a little bit of the game right now in your browser!”

It’s a pretty genius move and it appears to be working! Outbreak: Shades of Horror has been trending on Kickstarting frequently and has been listed as the “most popular upcoming video game” on the crowd-funding platform at various times.

Outbreak Shades of Horror is the most popular upcoming game on Kickstarter.
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300 people have signed up to follow the project on Kickstarter in the few days since the page went live (you can’t actually commit funds as of yet). You can join this crowd by heading over to the campaign page yourself. The Stadia community has been front of the line cheering this game on and will no doubt make up a non-trivial number of backers when things go live.

Have you played through the Outbreak: Shades of Horror demo from Kickstarter using Stadia? Let us know what you thought of it in the comments.


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