Samsung Unveil New “Designed for Gaming Hub” Wireless Controller

It’s CES 2024 time, and Samsung are once again committing to their cloud gaming support. This time with the “designed for Gaming Hub” badge which signifies that an accessory is guaranteed to give the best possible game streaming experience on Samsung Gaming Hub. This is regardless of the supported Samsung device players choose.

After releasing Gaming Hub to older model TVs (2020 models and newer) and adding Blacknut as a supported cloud gaming service, it’s safe to say that Gaming Hub is sticking around.

For the first accessory to sport this badge, Samsung have teamed up with PDP to design a gaming controller. PDP have a long history in making controllers for Xbox, Playstation and Switch, which makes them a great choice.

The new controller – called “REPLAY” – comes in a nice midnight blue aesthetic and includes:

  • a built-in, rechargeable battery for up-to 40 hours of playtime per charge
  • two customizable back paddles
  • a 30-foot range low-latency Bluetooth wireless connection
  • a Samsung Gaming Hub home button capable of immediately launching Samsung Gaming Hub
  • an easy-to-use TV volume control and power button
PDP Relay controller - front
PDP Relay controller - back

The controller will retail at $49.99. There is no mention of other currencies, but we’d expect it to be £49.99 and €49.99. You will be able to view the controller at CES if you are there. And, it is available to preorder on PDP’s website as well as and

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