Save Your Stadia Achievements for Posterity With Exophase

One of the things I enjoyed most about Google Stadia was participating in the achievement hunting community. Stadia Hunters has been the go to destination for many of us to track and communicate about achievements. The site has been amazingly fun and represents an incredible contribution to the community. But, unfortunately, as a Stadia specific service, it probably isn’t the best place to keep your gaming achievements going forward.

But, fear not! There is another service out there,, that lets you keep track of your achievements across ALL different platforms – including Stadia! Here is a capture of my profile:

You can tell from the above that Stadia is what really brought me back to gaming (but I’ve gotten all those Xbox achievements in just the last week).

The good news is that the exophase team has announced it would keep your Stadia achievements listed going forward. But… Remember, your Stadia profile is likely going away with the January 18th shutdown. So, if you want your Stadia achievements listed, you have got to sign up for an exophase account and sync your profile before then.

The race is also on to see who the final listed Top 10 Stadians will be. Here is where things currently stand.

Your chance to be listed ends this January; so make sure to take the chance to sync your profile. Those listed on the top page will have their glorious achievements immortalized.


Jack Deslippe

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