Stadia Rollout to Turkey Appears Imminent

Stadia Coming to Turkey

In our latest Stadia .apk analysis, we discovered there was a new folder with string translations to Turkish (and looks like 9to5 Google found a different set of Turkish translations in a different spot in the apk next to new MX translations). This is very highly suggestive that a rollout of the platform to Turkey is coming. What makes the evidence stronger is that in both spots the Turkish translations appear next to new Spanish translations associated with the Mexico expansion.

Turkey has a population of 84 million people. Combined with Mexico’s 129 million people. We are looking at a 2022 expansion of Stadia to territories with at least 212 million people. That is already bigger than the 2020 expansion into additional European countries.

If no other countries are added (and others are indeed rumored within the community) this would bring the population in which Stadia is available up to 1074 million from 862 million – a 25% increase. Stadia would, for the first time, be available to a population of over 1 billion people!

AllCorrectGames estimates that Turkey has 43 million games and most of the population lives in an “Urban” environment. A large fraction of gamers in the country are using mobile devices.

This all comes on the heels of Google Cloud also announcing it is spreading to more areas of the Asia Pacific region including New Zealand, Malaysia and Thailand. While Turkey isn’t a region for Google Cloud (the nearest location being the upcoming Tel Aviv location), Google does have a number of partnerships and activities in Turkey and they have edge nodes and edge PoPs (points of presence) practically everywhere.

While it isn’t a 100% guarantee, we are confident enough to say that we think Stadia is coming to Turkey! And, given language support coming to the Android app, it could be soon. We are ready to welcome both Mexican and Turkish Stadians into the clouds!


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  1. If Turkey ?? and Mexico ?? are the next expansions for Stadia. This could be really good for the Stadia community.

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