Stadia Gamers holding “Stadia Sunset” community event

The Stadia cloud gaming platform is set to close shop January 18th 2023 at 11:59 PM PT. During its existence Google Stadia was able to amass a dedicated hub of gamers. These gamers plan to celebrate the platform before its shut down. Such an event is slotted for Tuesday January 17th 2023.

The gathering is called the Stadia Sunset Event, and is hosted by CGTV. It consists of various back-to-back streams which all highlight the Stadia platform. The final stream is a community play along in a select Stadia multiplayer game.

The schedule is as follows:

5PM ET | Kickoff Lofi Monk –

6PM | Comments/ Division 2 Stream w/MM2K –

7PM ET | Red Dead 2 Stream w/ Jeff Gignac –

8PM ET | Stream w/N7 Spectres –

9PM ET | ” Final Hours ” Stadia Stream w/Rudiggz –

10PM ET | Stream w/Nads –

11PM ET | Community Play Along – Link TBD

Come join these passionate Stadians as they send the platform off in style!


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