Stadia on Samsung TVs as Gaming Hub Rolls Out

Samsung Gaming Hub Stadia

Good news for everyone with a recent (2022 and beyond) Samsung TV. The Samsung gaming hub is rolling out and it brings Stadia streaming right to the TV, no set-top box required. Stadia on Samsung TVs is a big step for the platform!

In a PR message, Google states:

Whether you play with Gaming Hub or just pull up the Stadia app on your Samsung Smart TV, it’s seamless to connect your Stadia controller and start playing.

Bringing Stadia to Samsung TVs also marks our continued progress towards a key goal that we’ve continued to call out – to continue to expand Stadia to offer easier access to the best of cloud gaming across more devices. For more information and specifics about Stadia on compatible Samsung TVs, see our updated Help Center article.

Samsung itself put out the following Tweet today celebrating the launch:

With the Stadia app now available on Samsung, LG and Android TV sets from various Manufacturers, Stadia is quickly getting to the point where it is ubiquitous on people’s screens.

And, don’t forget! Stadia is hiring it bring Stadia to even more devices!


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